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Modern Style Waterproof Sofa Cover(๐ŸŽ‰ Buy 2 Free Shipping)


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Never worry about scratches, spills, or stains again!

Not only functional to protect your furniture from wear and tear, but these amazing covers will also transform an old, worn-out couch into the stunning centerpiece of your room!

Do you find yourself constantlyย looking for ways to redecorate and liven up your home?ย Need a quick, easy and affordable way to make an old couch look brand new or a new couch stay new

magic sofa cover


Thisย Magic Sofa Coverย isย stretchy and durable, ensuring bothย excellent function and comfort:

  • SOFA PROTECTOR:ย This couch cover protects your furniture from dust, stains, wear, and tear while offering a fresh look.ย 
  • SLIP-RESISTANT:ย The highย elastic sofa coversย for sofa are flexible, soft, and slip-resistant for long-term comfort.
  • DURABLE AND AFFORDABLE: Thisย  couch cover offers a combination of top materials and the latest design without sacrificing comfort and durability.
  • HIGH-QUALITY FABRIC:ย Made of high-quality fabric including 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex Jacquard Fabric with small checks.


How to choose size :ย 

The sofa images belowย are just an example, it can work also with the otherย sofa type.

Please make sure you choose the right size before ordering

- 1 Seater Sofa:

One Sofa Cover

The distance between the two ends of the sofa isย 90-140CMย or 35-55 Inch

- 2 Seaters Sofa:ย 

The distance between the two ends of the sofa isย 145-180CMย or 57-71 Inch

Two Sofa Cover

- 3 Seaters Sofa:ย 

The distance between the two ends of the sofa is 185-235CMย or 73-93ย Inch

Three Sofa Cover

- 4 Seaters Sofa:

The distance between the two ends of the sofa is 235-300CMย or 93-118 Inch

Four Sofa Cover

- L-Shaped Or Sectional Or Corner Sofa:

How to put it on?ย 

modern01 / 1 Seater(35-55 inch) - $39.95