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Knife and Cutlery Organizer



This Drawer Organizer helps organize messy cutlery drawers with a practical and smart storage solution. It lets you store your cutlery at an angle, allowing you to store a full set of cutlery in less than half the space of a conventional tray. This way, you are organizing your utensils while saving more space!  Achieving neat and orderly set-up for your utensils in a breeze!

High-quality Kitchen Drawer Storage Tray Organizer Spoon Forks Cutlery Storage Separation Container Plastic Knife Block Holder

  • A new and space-saving way of storing your cutlery and creates more space in your drawer.

  • Individual, stacked compartments for different cutlery. You can place them as you like.

  • Cutlery icons for easy identification, convenient and neat.

  • Made of food-grade PP material, non-toxic and durable.

  • Suitable for drawers with a minimum height of 3.25 inches.

  • Product Dimension: