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Diatomite Bath Mat


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Product description

Diatomite bath mat is a solid rectangular plate, a bit like hard stone board, not a traditional soft marital mat. It is a new trendy fashion of modern, stylish, and green way of living. It improves your bathroom and ensures your daily convenience.

The advantages compared with traditional bath mat

Super absorbency, Amazing touch feeling, and quick drying.

Deodorizing effect and healthier.

Laundry is no longer required.

Warm Tips & Maintenance

Please wipe micronized powders on the surface before you use, this is not a quality issue but a normal phenomenon of the productive process.

Diatomite bath mat should be put outside of the bathroom, etc. it couldn't be used under the shower.

Do not use detergents containing surfactants and dip into water.

Do not use on the uneven ground or soft ground and also not on the sharp object.

Do not step on this bath mat with your shoes, otherwise the stains will be sucked.


Material: Diatomaceous Earth

Size: 11.8.4" x 17.7" x0.4"

Package included: 1* bath mat