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Fish Scaler Scraping Remover Tool


Color: GREEN

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Fish Scaler Scraping Remover Tool

Removing scales from your fish has never been easier! With our fish scale remover you can prep your favorite fish effortlessly and without any mess. The scraper is sturdy and sharp, making the scale removal process as easy as possible!


Mess-Free, Tidy Experience

The unique design of our scale remover makes the whole process very clean. The scales are captured as you scrape them off the fish, so you can just open the top and throw out the scales once you're done. That means you don't have to pick up the scales after - it's totally mess-free!


Sharp & Effortless

The scale remover features a sharp saw-toothed head so that scales flake off instantly! You can be done with just a few stroking motions. Additionally, the handle's easy-to-grip and non-slip design is very ergonomic, allowing you to have a firm, comfortable grip.



Weight: 58g

Color: green, blue, white

Package Includes: 1x Fish Scaler Scraping Remover Tool