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Multi-Functional Creative Drying Rope


Color: Yellow

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This washing clothes drying rope ring is multi-functional and can be used as a hanging rope, laundry bag, clothes hanger and etc. The unique design of the Drying Rope can also be used as a washing clothes rope. It takes up very little room, is lightweight, and takes up little space. You can hang your washing anywhere you want.

Three-in-one washing and drying rack: Wash, dry, and store the socks in one step. No pair of socks will be lost. No need to worry about messy socks at home. Save time: socks will never be separated from your partner, so you don't need to sort, match or search socks. Save money: Keep socks in pairs, so single socks that are not lost or lost can be replaced. * Space-saving: Hang clean socks in the closet to free up space in the socks drawer.

Flexible use: It is suitable for socks of various sizes, including adult, children, and baby socks. It can be adjusted freely according to the size of the socks. The socks are easy to clamp and easy to carry and use. *Save relationship: Less work on laundry day = happy family!

Indoor and outdoor use: Suitable for ordinary travelers, campers, and hikers who like outdoor activities. Don't worry about the dryness of the socks. You can also fix it directly in the closet to help you organize your socks easily. It is very convenient to use and saves a lot of space in your closet. It can also be used with masks, bandanas, gloves, scarves, jumpsuits, mittens, underwear, bras, underwear, panties, exquisite products, and underwear.

Simple and easy to use: Our cool and easy-to-organize laundry accessories are suitable for people of all ages, keeping socks tidy. Teach children a sense of responsibility and improve fine motor skills. The best little gifts for students in college dormitory rooms and apartments. Very suitable for travel, RV camping, and campers. Suitable for all sizes of socks-adults, kids, babies, walkers, boys, girls, men, and women, including faceless, low-cut, ankle, dress, and sports socks.

It is a safe product for washing machines and dryers. It is not afraid of repeated machine washing. The rope material is soft, wear-resistant, and durable. After washing the socks, they can be dried directly. The S-shaped hook is easy to hang. It can remain stable for a long time without worrying about the wind blowing away the socks.