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Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle


Control the amount of oil, dressing or vinegar that is poured into your dishes, making it healthier and avoiding clutter. Marked measurements are displayed on the dispenser for salads, omelettes, or any recipe that requires precise amounts of oil. MODERN AND STYLISH - The oil dispenser is designed with premium grade lead-free glass and stainless steel, no stains, giving it a sleek and modern look. Upgrade your table and you always know how much is left inside.



  • The borosilicate glass is handmade, which can resist high and low temperature shock.


  • With large bottle neck, it is easy and convenient so you can easily refill the liquid without spilling.


  • Dust-proof nozzle that keeps the oil in the original favor, perfectly applied to almost all types of liquids and conditions.


  • With the scale clear, it is convenient that you control the portion of olive oil and vinegar to help you cook tasty food or dress your salad.


  • The lid made of food grade plastic is solid and reliable for long-term use. Smooth leather ring, good seal, it is perfect for apple cider, balsamic vinegar and olive oil as it is airtight.


  • Unique nozzle against oil leakage, the nozzle can be closed closely without oil droplets hanging. Not like regular oil dispensers, a little oil can stay and gradually flow down the neck of the bottle and make the bottle greasy.
  • Just press lightly, you can accurately measure and get the amount of oil you need.
  • High-quality seasoning bottle with spout that can hold up to 16.9 fl oz of oil, vinegar, salad dressing and other liquid ingredients. The large bottle neck makes it easy to refill the oil without an additional funnel and wash easily.

Capacity:17oz [500ml]