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Stainless Steel Oil Filter Pot


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Save cooking oil cost and environment-friendly.



Don't waste your bacon grease, use it again. This bacon grease container with strainer lets you reuse fat and oils while keeping it free from particles left in your last frying batch.

 Stainless Steel Oil Filter Pot


Grease keeper holds up to 1.3L and features a stainless steel fine mesh strainer on top and spout so you pour out only just the right amount of desired grease for frying.

Stainless Steel Oil Filter Pot


Grease strainer made from wrought iron material with non-stick coating, this item is practical and safe for kitchen use.


It features a removable mesh filter to trap the tiniest particles of food so you can safely reuse the frying oil.


You can use your cooking oil for multi times without wasting and also not influence the flavor of other dishes.

Stainless Steel Oil Filter Pot


Perfect for home or restaurants. Perfect for oil, olive & canola oil, vinegar, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar etc. can use at home, bar, restaurant, hotel, cafe, party, buffet and more.


Package Dimensions:18x 14.5 x 15 cm
Item Weight:0.82 pounds
Material:Stainless Steel and Bakelite
Capacity: 1.3L


  • 1 Pcs x Grease Canister (With Lid)
  • 1 Pcs x Strainer
  • 1 Pcs x Base Plate 


1. Do not heat grease containers directly on the fire. 
2. Do not wash with a steel ball to avoid scratching. Dry the containers as soon as possible after cleaning.